Real-Time Motion Capture Hologram

Real-Time Motion Capture Hologram

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The Event

Arçelik is a household appliances manufacturer which is widely recognized as Turkey’s Lovemark. The Company engages in the production and marketing of durable goods with an eco-friendly and innovative approach, design and technology excellence. On the occasion of celebrating 10 consecutive years as Turkey’s Lovemark; Arçelik hosted the Art of Collaboration session in Brand Week Istanbul where the most creative names and brands were included.

The creative idea was to perform an interactive hologram effect via real-time motion capture technology and to make it possible for the audience to engage with Çelik in a personal manner. By this means, it became a real, humanlike guest who could have a conversation with announcers and audience simultaneously.

Wireless body and face motion capture, real-time rendering, projection and hologram technologies were combined and performed for this event. The project is acknowledged as the first-ever synchronized application of these technologies.