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The Event

A journey between real and virtual at the centre of the production lines of the AGCO factory to present the IDEAL combine harvester to dealers and journalists from all over the world.

The factory showroom becomes the place for an unusual dinner-convention. The courses alternate with speeches and videos.
After dinner, the event takes place in the centre of the factory among the production lines, almost a cinema and special effects installation. Each guest has an experience in the middle of suspended screens, sound design and lights that enhance the architecture of the factory. Then a large space defined by the lights welcomes the guests. There is a VR visor for everyone. As soon as it is put on, everyone has the same extraordinary 3D journey where the machine becomes a spaceship to pilot towards Earth until it lands in a field. Change of perspective. Now the spectator is in the middle of a field of corn, at night, in front of the machine. The bar is moving forward, the machine is closer and closer until the 3D video ends.
The visor is removed, and the IDEAL appears, this time a real one. Applause, cocktails and DJ set.