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Presentation Jaguar E-Pace

Presentation Jaguar E-Pace

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Eventum Premo

The Event

The presentation of the new Jaguar brand car was aimed at attracting a new audience among creative youth and was held under the slogan Turn the game over. Main tasks was to present the car in a non-standard way. For the presentation was chosen – the Soviet pool building at the Art Lyceum. The car has appeared in front of guests as from a thundercloud. Counting the publications of journalists, bloggers and guests attending the event, we made 10 million outreach and 156.5 million PR-value

The presentation in Russia was conceptually built in unison with the world premiere of the car and had a slogan #Turnthegameover (#?????????????). The campaign called to change the habitual opinion and inspired to look at the world from a new perspective. For the announcement and the beginning of the campaign together with the cinematography school a special project was created – five provocative YouTube videos with an open end, where the Jaguar brand friends filmed; viewers were invited to concoct the end for the videos. The best ideas were filmed and published. All the videos can be found on the website At the event, before going to the car people passed through surreal installations, art objects, televisions with a glycemic effect, a mirror room of infinity, built in such a way that completely contradicted the usual idea of the guests about the pool, this all complemented the concept of #Turnthegameover (#?????????????)