Client company:
Organising company:
Just Cruzin Production AS

The Event

A new Ikea catalogue is launched every year, with new products and a new theme. This year global communication platform was Make room to life, that focus on the living room..IKEA will play an active role in the lives of the many people; that of an enabler for a better everyday life at home. JCP together with two other agencies had to come up with a plan to reach the target group, and make sure they act, and start rethink how they furnish their living room.

Our Task: We will show that IKEA understands how the living room is used & that we have solutions that suit the individual life of the living room.
Instead of communicating vague messages, we Would carry out ideas and projects.
We wanted to encourage people to get off the sofa, and make new plans for their living rooms!
Encourage them to be inspired by their own lives, and not just copy someone else’s style.
All of this into a new platform and is captured in one sentence.
Let your life furnish your living room