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Opening of the first Interactive Kids Cinema “Cinamon Kino Kids Lithuania”

Opening of the first Interactive Kids Cinema “Cinamon Kino Kids Lithuania”

Client company:
Cinamon Kino Lithuania

The Event

An innovative, technologically advanced project, focused on the whole family entertainment. It was our mission to showcase how a cinema experience could be delivered in a new, family friendly way.

To fulfill our vision we had to create a new type of laser that would be able to catch the judge amount of moving children at the same time, each cinema accomodates 50 kids at the same time, for the safety reasons cinema was created to keep 2 meters distance and all dezinfectional systems were istalled because even today we don’t exactly know how the future of the events will be, so we put our force to make it as safe as possible with new tools to provide a new safe experience for our audience, now event is a sinonim of change and we had to keep it, we had to rethink and conbine what we know to get more individual solutions ( we learned a lot from actual situation and we have to be open for the new ways of thinking and working), live events industry is restarting slowly and this is something encouraging for the industry. Colorful elements were added, comfortable seat bags for kids used, pop corn skating rink istalled as additional elements to fullfill our goal – to feel free and happy.