United Kingdom
Client company:
Bayer AG
Organising company:

The Event

This innovative hybrid brand meeting marked a new era for Bayer CV. For the first time, cross-functional teams from 4 brands came together as One CV franchise to learn how to drive future growth

Our concept centres around building a better future for patients living with CV diseases. We wanted to reinforce that Bayer has already laid strong foundations with their longstanding CV brands and show how the landscape will evolve with the launch of their innovative new brands. That’s why we invited attendees to join us in building their new Capital – CV City. A thriving metropolis that reflects Bayer’s innovation and vision for the future.

The CV City theme served as a powerful metaphor for what Bayer wanted to build. Not only was it a concept that everyone could relate to, but also one that lent itself to a variety of activities, serving as a red thread that ran through the event. Dividing the city into 4 distinct brand neighbourhoods allowed each brand to showcase their own identity, explore their individual brand strategies and review key tactical elements, while staying focused on the shared goal of ‘transforming the CV skyline’ together.