Bea World Festival


Client company:
Nissan France
Organising company:
Hopscotch Event

The Event

– An unprecedented event: 100% electric self-sufficient and immersive during 5 weeks for Automotive & lifestyle press, dealers, owners from all over the world
– To capitalize on the Nissan New Leaf car launch to present the entire Nissan Electric devices opportunities (xStorage, Vehicle-to-grid, Vehicle-to-home) and the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision.
– By experiencing a pop-up hotel built inside a bioclimatic houses village within the biggest European solar panels platform as the city of to

Beyond the car!
From January 10th to February 7th, almost 400 guests from all over the world embarked for an exciting and unprecedented brand experience in the heart of the biggest solar panels & windmills platform in Europe.
To make this experience unforgettable, we proposed to guests an unexpected kind of accommodation as they have discover a 100% electric self-sufficient village where they had the opportunity to enjoy bioclimatic houses during their stay. Located in the middle of around 30 windmills and thousands of solar panels, guests had the chance to literally live in the city of tomorrow during 3 days and 2 nights.
On top of that, and to discover Nissan cars and electric devices, they had the opportunity to test the new Nissan Leaf and the eNV200 van. These test drives allowed guests to discover the unexpected roads & landscapes of Tenerife as well, particularly by climbing on the top of Pico del Teide, 3rd highest volcano of the world. A strong challenge!