Client company:
Lola Mullenlowe
Organising company:
Cow Events

The Event

Burger King celebrated Halloween by transforming their most popular retsuarnt in Madrid into a full-fledged House of Horrors. Only those who made it through culd get the special burger Nightamre King.

Instead of having some typical Halloween decoration in lots of restaurants, it was far more interesting to channel all our efforts in just a single venue, their largest two-floor in Madrid’s busiest street, Gran Vía. The spot was totally transformed into a them-park level Huse of Horrors, both in the outside and the inside. From the outside it looked like a creepy Victorian warehouse out of a terror movie… with an undertaker inviting the bravest to enter. If you managed to survive and make it through, you’d get a free “Nightmare King” the new burger they launched for Halloween. Our experience would also act as the main product presentation. What did we deliver? A full-fledge House of Horrors supervised and constructed by cinema and theme park professionals, filled with special effects and with a dozen professional actors perfectly dressed as zombies, vampires, psycho-killers… Want to join our social media gallery of the most scared? Just come in!