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BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

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VOK DAMS Events GmbH

The Event

Four destinations, three continents within five days. The BMW iNEXT was brought to the global press in a highly efficient Lufthansa Cargo converted into a future driven presentation lounge.

The BMW VISION iNEXT is the start of a new era for BMW; it’s future mobility brought to life and for such a quintessential moment, BMW wanted a completely different way of presenting the car to the media and gather undivided and exponential attention for their future mobility vision. Inspired by Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, we took the BMW Vision iNEXT to media representatives across the globe: to Munich, New York, San Francisco, Beijing and thus to 4 destinations on 3 continents within 5 days. Never before a car was presented in such a way to any audience: A cargo plane was converted into a high tech, future driven stage. In the purposely designed and tailor-made exclusive closed-room concept, 400 selected media representatives experienced the theatrical staging of BMW’s vision vehicle, the BMW Vision iNEXT and thus the future vision of the BMW Group. The grueling time schedule allowed the global press to see the car almost at the same time and limited embargos.