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Hendrick’s World Cucumber Day

Hendrick’s World Cucumber Day

Client company:
Schlumberger GmbH
Organising company:
KESCH Event & Promotion GmbH

The Event

Hendrick’s Gin celebrated the worlds cucumber day with a special event.

The creative idea was to use the world wide celebrated cucumber-day as a reason to get a free Hendrick’s Gin Tonic all over Austria in more than 100 participating bars. We have created and distributed 250,000 cucumber flyers. Each of these 250,000 flyers had a unique QR code. So 250,000 flyers = 250,000 different QR codes. Since each code was unique, we knew exactly which codes were attached to City Lights, which codes were in magazines, which codes were distributed at the Vienna Gin Festival in May, and which codes were generated online. On the Worlds cucumber day on June 14th each one who collected a cucumber flyer could redeem them in one of the selected bars all over Austria, especially in Vienna at the Le Méridien where we had a special Hendrick’s event turning the whole area into the Hendrick’s World with the Hendrick’s Look and Feel everywhere. A promotion like this has never ever took place before, for the first time a company had real results and analyzes of what happened.