Android Avenue

Android Avenue

United Kingdom
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The Event

2019 was Brandfuel’s 8th year designing and executing Google and Android’s presence at Mobile World Congress. The result, Android Avenue a semi-surreal urban space based on the idea of a pop-up Street

Challenged to create something more impactful and engaging than previously, we went above and beyond to deliver something completely unique. The Android Avenue was a semi-surreal urban space where 12 welcoming structures (and lots in between) lined our pop-up street, the forms of which were inspired by Google and Android’s material design language, launched fully in 2018 and now used across services.

Our ‘Avenue’ consisted of 4 quarters, Creative, Residential, Cultural and Uptown, with 13 interactive experiences The 13 individual experiences created were takes on familiar locations (a coffee shop, a mobile guided art gallery filled with augmented and virtual art experiences, arcade, hotel) and took guests to situations where an Android/Google product could benefit them e.g using Google’s Translate through camera function to quickly decipher a menu. The intention was to create an immersive guest journey across the space and reinforce the everyday value of Google and Android products.