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Avantgarde & Avocado Toast

The Event

Mercedes-Benz V-Class launch event in China featuring an immersive promenade theatre performance. Aimed to reposition an already-known business-class minivan for active family men.

By diving into market research data, we found out that the main interest of the audience (predominantly male, 34 to 45), besides their businesses and families, are movies. This led us to an idea of a Hollywood action movie film with a strong male character who is also a family man. We started to think about how to make it and then to show it at the event, and then came an epiphany: we decided to turn it into a live performance — in front of the audience, with a real car. This is how “Mission V” came to life, an action- and tech-packed live Hollywood blockbuster promenade theatre piece. As packed as the V-Class van that was the star of the show.