Bea World Festival
Client company:
British American Tobacco
Organising company:
SUN Event

The Event

Launch/ Communication for Glo HYPER new flavors

Creating the Music HYPER Set campaign for glo™, we took a deeper look. We based the project on the brand philosophy and the uniqueness of each of the 4 flavors, and focused on the emotional experience and strong feelings – because that’s what people are really looking for in the category.
This led to a key idea – to link the taste, the music, and the picture, focusing on the key forms of perception. As a result, the idea of creating an innovative musical WOW-collaboration Music HYPER Set was born, which combined 4 different flavors for glo HYPER and 4 vibrant musical styles.
We said – glo introduces you to a mix of four sophisticated styles and flavors, each providing a unique, exhilarating, and rewarding experience. Choose your own flavor, your mood, your style. Full freedom. No restrictions, because glo is different for different you!