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Lexus LX 600 World Premiere in Saudi Arabia

Lexus LX 600 World Premiere in Saudi Arabia

Client company:
Abdul Latif Jameel Motors

The Event

First world car premiere of new of iconic luxury SUV in KSA. Attendance included celebrities, diplomats, international media. The global event was broadcast live on social media.

The idea of the event was based on global communication platform that the Flagship LX is crafted for Adventure Beyond Luxury. The main idea is that Lexus represents THE NEW LEGACY. The whole reveal storytelling is built on movement ‘beyond’ established dimensions and norms. During the event, we invited guests to discover the new Lexus LX by moving beyond definitions of design, innovation, mobility and comfort.
The masterpiece of the event was the reveal show, where we erased the feeling of ‘borders’ and took the car reveal beyond the classical dimension.