Live Training Sessions “Virtual Events”  – beon. Worldwide

Live Training Sessions “Virtual Events” – beon. Worldwide

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beon. Worldwide
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beon. Worldwide

The Event

Online live -virtual events- trainings for corporate events/marketing/sales/communication teams of our clients and potential clients. Our aim was showing live, what is feasible in virtual events.

As far as we know nobody in the industry had done something similar. We had not only Spanish clients but also a lot of International clients were interested in this online training sessions on virtual events. We used different of our studios in Europe (real sets, chroma sets) to realize the different sessions (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch) in were in 50 minutes we explained the different technologies, using interconnected camaras, chroma sets in where we showed how teletransportation of speakers can be done, 3d virtual staging with and without moving camara elements in real time, how digital platforms work and what the features of each one are, virtual teambuildings or networking, how to incorporate external speakers, immersive graphics, virtual master of ceremonies, interactions & activations with the public at home, virtual gaming & avatar real time interaction.