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SUN Event

The Event

Galaxy S22 festival activation in Romania – experience zone for young and trended festival guests

When developing a creative idea we put the focus on receiving visual and emotional experience – that’s exactly what our target audience need. We were to sense the meaning of the night, to create a special space within the festival where a completely different life was going on – vivid, loud and challenging just like our product is – Samsung Galaxy S22. We were meant to make the night epic.
So, these days the stars over Romania were brighter than usual. The distant galaxies became closer. From the distance one could notice unusual shapes and forms in the light of bright rays. Everything was covered in smoke. One couldn’t help checking out this strange and tempting place. What was it?

Right over the one of the most impressive festivals of this summer an immersive portal into an alternate dimension was opened. Using Galaxy 22 you were able to see what you couldn’t see before. Colors, paints and emotions came alive in the darkness! And it was epic.