Czech Republic
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JAD Productions & Brand Thing

The Event

In campaign we created the largest urban street gallery in the world. Photographers, graphic designers, architects, poets and other creatives presented their work in five categories (Design / Photography / Illustration / Painting / Writing) on Digital CLVs through the downtown of London. They just needed to sent their work over the data transfer platform and they were automatically entered in a contest for £10,000. Winners were announced at the awards ceremony in Shoreditch.

The world has never seen anything quite like the LONDON LOOP GALLERY project. Even senior artists don’t often get the opportunity to present their work to such a large audience. Displaying thousands of pieces on the street where millions of people pass by every day made for a revolutionary change.
A panel of highly experienced judges met in person with their admirers and selected from 6,000 works by more than 2,000 artists for four weeks, thereby giving creative talents the opportunity to get invaluable experience.

Similar exhibitions are planned for other major cities around the world that have expressed interest in this type of gallery. Giving young artists the opportunity to display their work on the street, legally & digitaly is a greatly welcomed innovation in the art world and immediately made a favorable impression on urban leaders, as it promises to raise the perception of street art to the next level.