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Life and Work of Frida Kahlo

Life and Work of Frida Kahlo

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This multisensory exhibition about Frida Kahlo is based on projections on floor and walls which create a symphony of color with an original soundtrack, displaying more than a hundred artworks.

The creative and production techniques selected for the sensory elements serve to reproduce and reinterpret the artist’s pictorial style. Detailed graphic research of her paintings was necessary to bring the elements and characters of her work to life. Likewise, to recreate atmospheres and contextualize events in her life, illustrations were created that combine photographic imagery, drawings and collages, symbolizing a dedicated and surreal interpretation of Frida’s world.
Each scene is accompanied by an original musical soundtrack created by Goya-nominated composer and pianist Arturo Cardelús, creating emotional rhythms and enhancing the desired visual narrative. The melodies include a wide variety of instruments and sound effects, combined with traditional European and Mexican music, in clear reference to the origins of the artist. The soundtrack was recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra under the direction of its conductor, Peter Pejtsik.