Client company:
Brain Bar Kft.
Organising company:
Brain Bar Kft.

The Event

The biggest European festival on the future creates the stage for top trendsetters and challengers and brings them together with young innovators, students and big business to exchange ideas in unrestrained conversation. Debates and discussions are intertwined with arts: live music, dance and performances are also vital to Brain Bar’s program. Located in Budapest, held annually for the 4th time, its uniqueness lies in creating highly entertaining formats to explore intellectual conflict points.

We have a dedicated team responsible for developing stage formats that are entertaining both on-site and on video after the event. We believe that the ideas presented on stage should be challenged and discussed. Each of these formats is designed to drive interaction between the speakers and the audience to make Brain Bar a truly conversational event. Our technology partner allows the audience to vote during the debate format called Battle of Minds, allowing to display how convinced the audience is with each point of view in real-time. Otherwise, we believe in analog, interpersonal discourses on or off stage.