Client company:
Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations
Organising company:
Crop Experience Agency & Setur

The Event

2-day event for industry and business world with employees, employers and public institution, with live broadcasts and AR technology, 50 C-level guests attending physically in the same location.

The forum, focused on the Future of Work topic, should have taken place in an environment where we should use tomorrow’s technology in the most effective way due to the pandemic. For this reason, we have integrated the augmented reality technology into the forum that we organized physically last year in order to execute in the most realistic way this year. Each session was broadcast live over the digital studio, and we used advanced real-time ‘compositing’ tools and special keying technology in digital studios with the Zero Density software prefered in professional channels used in the game world, and prepared advanced AR visuals for different sessions. In this way, we increased the expression power of the speakers. In addition, we created a special mobile application for this event and we kept the attention of the participants alive like a physical event by sending regular notifications to the participants through this application, organizing surveys, competitions and gamifications.