Czech Republic
Client company:
T-Mobile & Dance Academy Prague
Organising company:
JAD Productions s. r. o.

The Event

Due to Pandemic quarantine Dance Academy Prague asked us to create Pop-up virtual Dance Studio for students and over 2000 households to experience over 100 classes from the safety of their homes.

In order to ensure 2-way audio-visual communication between 12 teachers and about 20 students of each of the 8 classes & public clients, we deployed a Website combining Zoom entry, Ko-fi donation button & FB / IG channels.

Every student, or public client could access the class from the comfort of their home and was attended by the teacher seeing whether the movement is done properly, or the student needs correction, more motivation, or even video pin the student to show a good example.

The program gained massive popularity also because there were no proximity limitations (parents didn’t have to drive their kids). Another element was the fact that shy kids who would never go to the studio could now practice with their camera off but still be part of the class and chat with others.

We covered the costs by bringing on a partner T-Mobile who boosted our connectivity and created an additional campaign to invite every dance fan in the country that suffered from quarantine lockdown.