DRPG BIGtalk World

DRPG BIGtalk World

United Kingdom
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The Event

DRPGBIGtalk, our annual thought leadership event, opened its virtual gates to the world’s first virtual theme park, bringing clients the latest research and insights from the communication world.

For many, this year has bought a rollercoaster of uncertainty. We decided to play on this metaphor as a great way of connecting the experience of learning with the journey we’ve had so far in 2020, and so DRPG BIGtalk World was conceived. Using cutting edge low poly GI modelling specifically for web browsing, our in-house digital team developed a theme park-based virtual world.

With over 3,500 invitees, the virtual theme park included fun attractions, rides for delegates to explore, engaging content, live sessions, interactive hotspots, guest speakers and the opportunity to network. Once delegates entered BIGtalk World, they had a bird’s eye view of the entire park where all rides were on view with activation hotspots available to take them wherever they wanted to go. Navigation included a drop-down menu to easily search for content or go directly to a particular ride. Around the park, there were multiple information points to further guide delegates and simplify their journey.