Giro 555: Together in action for Beirut

Giro 555: Together in action for Beirut

Client company:
Giro555 (Stichting Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties)
Organising company:

The Event

A digital marathon event from 07.00 till 23.00 to reach the Dutch population and raise millions for the victims of Beirut because of the explosion that ruined lives, houses and dreams of so many.

When raising money for a disaster, time is your enemy. Attention and awareness quickly fade away. Due to COVID, preferred producer Public Broadcaster NPO couldn’t deliver the traditional way. As an event agency (though packed with TV experience), we decided to do it the unconventional way:
Our approach was to develop, produce and distribute 17 hours of – COVID Proof – live content in 96 hours, with a digital infrastructure. This way we could record and broadcast through the Giro555 platform and at the same time edit and distribute radio, tv and social content in one studio

How do you get people to care and give when COVID is turning their houses, lives and dreams upside down? Our creative idea ‘Let Beirut rise in Dutch hearts’, connects that emotion to people in Beirut who lost houses, lives and dreams. Lebanese people in the Netherlands tell the stories of resilience from a country that will rise from the rubbles. As sung in their national song ‘Li Beirut’ which became our theme song