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SUN Event

The Event

Annual National Sales Conference for 500 employees of the pharmaceutical company Servier from different regions. Peculiarity– the synergy of offline and online format.

Each year Servier went on to a new country. This year we offered them a journey within their own company – to Discover Servier! Every day we immersed participants into new reality based on the new company’s strategy. We have achieved this immersion using offline surprise visits and online virtual “Unreal” settings in studio.
Every day we had changed every single thing: animator’s looks, gift-boxes, website interface, Insta-masks, visual settings for studio.
We had more surprises. While participants anticipated the final Gala Award stream, we have managed to fuel the intrigue. At any time, anyone with a link could peak into the preparation online – stage setting, rehearsals, camera installation. The anticipation of what’s coming up was strong. It will be a show! Servier Late Night Show!