Client company:
Janssen-Cilag GmbH

The Event

Corona silence. Nobody was allowed on campus. Except for Carl, the moderator. And he meets members of all perspectives within the healthcare system spread across the campus – on screens.

Due to the pandemic, neither participants nor employees are allowed to enter the Janssen campus. The image of the empty campus is deliberately staged and chosen as the setting for the digital event.

The moderator, Carl, sets out to explore the abandoned campus. Alone. He meets various protagonists on screens, captures exciting perspectives, interacts with the audience, and gathers valuable insights. All bundled together, this offers new approaches for improving the healthcare system. The online audience is his constant companion. He is always interacting with participants, asking for feedback, inviting playful responses, and actively engaging them in discussions.
A special digital platform allows for a complex collection and clustering of the co-created content.

Different camera perspectives, light settings as well as cinematic music are used. Scenic moments and changing scenery provide associative context and make the event informative, interactive, and entertaining.