Client company:
Organising company:
Just Cruzin Production

The Event

Home Festivals was a series of events in peoples homes, created as a festival sponsorship campaign for the housing developer OBOS, who aimed to attract and engage with young festival audience.

The decision to take the sponsorship activation out of the festival grounds and do it in people’s home, allowed OBOS to create an experience outside the music festivals – aligning with their mission to create life between houses, and in this instance even inside the houses. Furthermore, it allowed us to communicate with our target audience without the noise of all the other sponsorship activations at the music festivals.

All you had to do was send us a picture of where you wanted to host a home festival. Wether you wanted a home festival in your living room, your kitchen or even in your shower. The winners could invite all their friends or enjoy the home festival all by themselves. After the home festival, all the attendees also got tickets to the real music festivals