Client company:
Ardian Real Estate

The Event

A photographic exhibition with a site-specific set-up produced in collaboration with Magnum Photos to tell the story of one of Ardian Real Estate’s urban redevelopment and regeneration projects.

The exhibition was set up in a building site, in collaboration with Magnum Photos, with the patronage of the City of Milan, the Urban Land Institute and the curatorship of Walter Guadagnini, photography historian and Director of CAMERA.
An iconic location, a project designed for the redevelopment and urban regeneration of a neighbourhood.
This site-specific installation didn’t want to transform the building site into a finished environment, but rather aimed at enhancing its character as a space under constant evolution.
The narrative was articulated through 5 continents according to a path that did not conceal the site but lived symbiotically with it, eventually landing in a section dedicated to Milan and the regeneration project of the building and its neighbourhood. A selection of 60 works by 14 international photographers narrated the transformation of cities around the world.
The catalogue, in collaboration with Skira, was available with a minimum donation to Ardian Foundation