Corona Sunsets

Corona Sunsets

Client company:
AB InBev
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The Event

3 projects in one: Sunsets Festival World Tour on 22/07 in Lajatico with 8,000 people; Sunsets Sessions in Milan on 27/05 and in Naples on 25/06; and Sunsets Hours, 100 events in 50 Italian Venues

We’ve reimagined the aperitif as a distinctive avenue for communication, portraying it as a moment to disconnect and reconnect with nature, with the sunset taking center stage in this intricate series of events. The Corona Sunsets Festival is a global tour that we introduced to the Italian market, with meticulous site selection aimed at immersing participants in a natural setting, offering an escape from their daily routines. We curated a lineup featuring international artists, collaborated with local entities, and established an eco-village featuring sustainability-themed entertainment. We replicated this same format in two pre-festival mid-events, one in Milan – set within one of the city’s lushest spaces – and the other in Naples, directly on the beach. In the months leading up to the festival, we traversed almost the entirety of Italy, organizing 100 events directly in various venues, featuring DJ sets and engagement activities.

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