Bid for Rome Expo2030 – Humanlands

Bid for Rome Expo2030 – Humanlands

Client company:
Bid Committee Expo 2030 Roma
Organising company:
Filmmaster e Ega Worldwide

Special Prize


The Event

Rome Expo 2030 candidature
18-22/4/2023 e 20/6/2023
Rome & Paris
Target: BIE Members and Inspectors, local community
Objectives: Support Rome’s bid for Expo 2030

Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030 culminated with the inspection visit to Rome and the General Assembly in Paris. Among the activities carried out: thematic tables at the Mercati di Traiano, a visit to the Tor Vergata and Vela di Calatrava sites, meetings with public institutions and gala dinners. The maximum spectacularity was achieved through the ‘Humanlands’ events: a series of live shows of great artistic value. In Rome, the Expo themes were told through its greatest icon, the Colosseum, which was the canvas on which to project a vision of the future, with the first drone show in history to fly over such a symbolic and ancient historical site. The event in Paris, hosted in the gardens of the Italian Embassy, keep unchanged the values, symbols and dramaturgy of the event in Rome. With Italian and French artistic excellence, immersed in a setting inspired by the gardens of Villa d’Este, a place where water and light become scenic elements capable of generating life.

Live Presentations