Ferrari Roma Spider World Première

Ferrari Roma Spider World Première

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The Event

On 16 and 18 March, Ferrari’s latest creation, the Roma Spider, was launched at the El Badi Palace in Marrakech. The event was attended by international clients and journalists.

“The New Dolce Vita” in Marrakech. Wonder en plein air. Luxury and glamour interpreted through the intense nuances of Morocco. The garden of El Badi Palace was the core of an experience aimed at enhancing the Spider soul of the Ferrari Roma. We brought the palace pools to life, with a walkway crossing the water for a reveal-performance to be witnessed from an elegant open-air lounge. Here, amidst lights, braziers and water reflections, the new Ferrari paraded, revealing itself to the world and emerging from the 1578 architecture.
A live orchestra performed famous pieces from the “dolce vita” era rearranged to the Moroccan soundscapes. A 30-metre superwide screen accompanied with spectacular images an innovative speech-dialogue presentation.
Finally, the screen went up, revealing it to be the entrance to a marvellous Moroccan tent that was the setting for a “Thousand and One Nights” dinner illuminated by a sky of hundreds of lanterns.

Live Presentations