Client company:
Austria Center Vienna
Organising company:
Media Apparat

The Event

310m2 of high-resolution LEDs, whereof 7 tons of LEDs on 52 individually moveable panels – the polySTAGE is a worldwide first that allows any spectacular stage-setting possibility in the ACV entrance

The main idea was to create something in the entrance hall that shows that the Austria Center Vienna is “more than an event location”. It reflects this mission to deliver a completely new and unique experience for their clients and guests.We designed a flexible installation for multiple settings that perfectly match the variety of different event formats that take place in the Austria Center Vienna. The new innovation is able to transform the entrance hall in seconds from a welcome area to an exhibition area, a gala space to a concert stage or to a walk-in art exhibition to an interactive stage for hybrid panel discussions.
The technological innovation is that the polySTAGE consists of 7 tons of LED panels that are attached to motors and can therefore be controlled individually. This is possible through the combination of media servers and specifically built motors. The LED panels can be moved up to 2.7 m from the bottom edge without monitoring without noise and a precision of 1mm.