Client company:
Organising company:
GR8 Events Agency

The Event

Physical event with 600 people, including employees and partners.
An immersive event celebrating SIBS’ 40 years of pioneering achievements in the payments industry and projecting the company’s future.

A unique 360º symbioses of visuals, sound, and gastronomical delicacies.
Immersive Experience: The dining area was transformed into 3 distinct environments, each representing Sea, Earth, and Air. These environments seamlessly shift using sound, imagery, and food and creating a multisensory journey for guests. Augmented reality menus further enhance the dining experience.
Video Mapping: Utilizing projection technology, the classic venue’s facade becomes a dynamic canvas. This innovation not only showcases SIBS’ history but immerses attendees in a visually captivating narrative of its evolution and celebrating the company’s legacy.
Custom Music video: Creating a custom music video as part of the event’s entertainment. In this video, the beloved SIBS mascot, “Multinho” digitally created in 3D, takes center stage, dancing alongside professional performers.

Live Presentations