Client company:
Stichting Wereldverbeteraars
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The Event

Feelgood Vuurwerk 2022 rockets into hearts of revelers with an expanded AR (and real!) alternative to consumer fireworks – as a nieuw New Years tradition for the Dutch to stop literally burning money.

Every year the Dutch burn around 110 million Euros on fireworks, causing bad stuff for all sorts of things. Around this time, it’s usually the coldest period of the year. We literally burn money on fireworks with our loved ones and leave people to sleep in the cold.

So created Feelgood Vuurwerk: a safe AR alternative to consumer fireworks that lights up any room!

We brought together some of the best Dutch designers and artists to create their own virtual fireworks to sell

The money (and attention) we raised goes to the Sheltersuit Foundation: a jacket doubling up as a sleeping bag

We made the Feelgood Vuurwerk pop up store to sell to passersby opened by famous Dutch artist Faberyayo

Then, we created a NYE show from the top of ADAM tower that got the whole city excited to see it – a firework show that literally dominated NY news in the Netherlands – using some of our best technical production talent.

Live Presentations