Amsterdam City Swim

Amsterdam City Swim

Client company:
Amsterdam City Swim Foundation

The Event

The Amsterdam City Swim is a unique event where thousands of people swim through the canals of Amsterdam with the goal of raising as much money as possible for research into the deadly disease ALS.

To maximize our impact and ensure the longevity of the Amsterdam City Swim, we recognized that a fundraising event typically has a limited lifespan of around 7 years. After this period, it tends to lose its appeal. How could we allow such an unique event, where once a year people have the opportunity to swim through the UNESCO World Heritage canals of Amsterdam, to fade away?

We evolved from being a mere sporting fundraiser into an ALS Community event – a celebration of life, a platform for awareness and a catalyst for engagement.
We gave ALS a face and a voice. The true heroes, the patients themselves, took center stage. By sharing their stories, they became the heart and soul of our cause.
Swimmers now participate in 30 shifts of 100 swimmers each, which we refer to as ‘Waves’. In total, 3,000 swimmers made waves. The patients became Wave Heroes. Participants didn’t just dive into the canals for the thrill or the challenge; they swam for people like Henk Arnaud and Ellen

Live Presentations