Abu Dhabi Summer Sports

Abu Dhabi Summer Sports

Client company:
ADNEC Services
Organising company:
ADNEC Services

The Event

Abu Dhabi Summer Sports (ADSS) promoted a healthy lifestyle in a controlled environment. A family-friendly hub welcomed all ages to enjoy at their fitness level. It offered 25+ indoor sports facility

Innovation extended to the 19 one-off events held at ADSS, such as the cycling challenge, where participants are immersed in the excitement of cycling by utilizing footage from iconic events like the Tour de France. The use of massive screens and interactive instructors creates an engaging and realistic experience, making participants feel like they are part of a major cycling event.
A drive to include welcome more women to the event included an Emirati Women’s Day was celebrated at ADSS with several sports activities as well as fitness class sessions conducted by a local fitness studio. A focus to host the elderly was supported by the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund who provided FOC coffee and cake at the event.

These creative ideas and technological innovations helped with event’s logistics but also enhance the overall experience, catering to wide range of interests & preferences. ADSS set the bar high for sports events, offering a unique blend of convenience, opportunities and experience.

Live Presentations