25th Arabian Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony

25th Arabian Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony

Client company:
Iraqi Football Association

The Event

The Arabian Gulf Cup returned to Iraq. The challenge was to create a momentous occasion celebrating Iraqi history and culture, captured in an innovative multimedia and interactive opening ceremony.

The creative team collated vast content gleaned from the millennia of Iraq’s illustrious history and rich
culture. From ancient Sumerian times to the present day, it was a treasure trove of material for the show
storyline, making it a challenging task to select the best subjects. Thus, incorporating technologies such as
live AR and state-of-the-art projection, the intention was to show how the
the spirit of discovery and invention live to this day. The dramaturgy unfolded a high-tech time travel
through over 4,000 years. The idea was to include scenic means appropriate for a stadium show
with more than 65,000 people in the live audience and millions of spectators reached by TV and the internet: pitch-sized projections combined with several hundred actors, dancers, and volunteer extras, light and laser shows, fireworks combined with live music and dance.
Iraqi artists played an important role as protagonists, telling authentically the story of the country’s rich
history and culture.

Live Presentations