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The Event

Booth for Bayer in the exhibition hall at annual European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019 with the goal of communicating with an audience of health care professionals who specialise in cardiology

Pharmaceutical events present a unique challenge because there is no physical product to showcase – what it looks like isn’t important, but what it means for patients is. We therefore used a powerful metaphor to demonstrate this. It informed HCPs about the benefits of the treatment and showed them how they could positively impact their patients’ lives. Our in house Creative Technology department invented a digital experience that would help Bayer grab attention. Our holistic approach combined architecture, graphics, motion design and interactive technology. The culmination of this was a dynamic, moving mountain sculpture. Our bespoke app collected complex data from interactions and translated this to a physical set of actuators inside the sculpture. This was in turn synced with projection mapped graphics showing each HCP’s personalised journey in an impactful display – a true feat of innovation.