Bea World Festival
Intervals 2019

Intervals 2019

Client company:
dreamlaser and Ksusha Chekhovskaya
Organising company:

The Event

Three-day non-profit international city festival of audio visual art, exhibition, educational program, underground music.

The general creativity concept key of Intervals 2019 is gathering the best features of Russian festivals such as city size event, educational program and avoiding the worst (commercialization and persuasive advertising) .
In collaboration with European experience (exhibitional mode instead of mass event) we implemented innovative technical solutions such as
– 3d mapping (architectural, interior, objective, applied with lasers)
– laser installation (applied onto big local area with the use of mirror system and 8 meter glass ceiling lamp
– LED, light and kinetic installations
– AR (QR codes in event guides and 3d mapping content)
– combination of real graffiti (3100 sq.m.) and video projection
– 3d mapping content created by neural network program
– laser installations managed by random algorithm
– sound generation by modular keyboard synth