Bea World Festival
BWT @ ISH Frankfurt 2019

BWT @ ISH Frankfurt 2019

Client company:
Organising company:
Media Apparat GmbH / Wilkenwerk GmbH

The Event

To present BWT´s product range at ISH MediaApparat & Wilkenwerk created a bespoke interactive world. In different settings, guests enjoyed a journey through the company’s vision for a better planet.

As common theme we used BWT´s claim “perfect water wherever you are“ and designed a one of a kind human centered trade fair experience. Being one of the biggest trade fairs in the world comes with a few minor downsides, one of them: it can be a quite hectic experience for the visitors. This insight gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase BWT’s new corporate design, which focuses on the calming effects of water and the good feeling you get when using their eco-friendly products.
To stage this approach, different real-life surroundings were created: The best-water-home, a kitchen and bathroom showcasing products and their advantages in a modern and sustainable home. The best-water-Hotel showcased the benefits of BWT’s products in a real B2B environment and finally the hospitality area, a big open space, which invited the guests to relax and network. On top an 8k portal immersed participants and informed about BWT’s mission by showing marine life visuals in a subtle way.