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Q – MasQuerade

Q – MasQuerade

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DPG Media

The Event

300 singles gathered in a castle in Antwerp on Valentine’s Day with 1 goal: finding love. Our algorithm selected only the best matches, who were invited to the Q-MasQuerade: a masked ball for singles.

The most asked question during the holidays for singles : ‘how’s the lovelife’? Singles are getting tired of swiping on Tinder or going on anóther blind date. While binge watching yet another season of Love Island, the singles in Qmusic’s target audience (18-35y) have difficulty finding love. Qmusic wanted to provide an answer by organising the Q-MasQuerade on Valentine’s Day: a masked ball where singles unite. On the 14th of January we launched the concept on national radio. Anybody could enter on the website wether hetero, biseksual, gay or lesbian, and within a week more than 18000 singles came looking for love. Only 300 lucky few were invited for the event, and for all the other listeners we made sure to provide entertainment on air. The Q-dj’s were also matched by the software and hosted all day in duo’s with the most common interests and life goals. Only duets were played, and the listeners were asked to send in their favorite duet or most juicy romantic Valentine’s Day story.