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The Event

We transformed the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival into a virtual event — bringing the spirit of Brooklyn to the global stage for a 2-day lineup of performances that’s garnered 3 million views.

We solved the challenge by translating the in-person festival into a two-day multi-platform livestream event. Our lineup featured musical and visual artists from around the world on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and BRIC’s own TV channel. In addition to animated graphic overlays designed with a Brooklyn-inspired aesthetic, we handled all broadcasting through our internally developed LiveXP software suite. LiveXP allowed us to enhance the viewing experience and break barriers between performance and audiences with interactive elements like live Q&As, viewer polls and seamless ways to donate to BRIC or add on-screen tracks to Spotify. These elements elevate the event from a simple livestream to a fully immersive and interactive digital festival where audiences can connect.