Client company:
Bud, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Organising company:

The Event

For the launch in the Netherlands Bud introduced BUDX. A two-day event celebrating trendsetting culture, enabling and engaging Dutch young urbanites for a credible and relevant brand-positioning.

The peak of Bud’s local campaign effort was to roll out the BUDX platform, where cultural local talents are brought together through collaboration in the fields of Music, Art, Fashion and Tech. The platform is not purely designed for brand visibility but to actually contribute to and to reflect the local trendsetting culture. To create an inclusive community that bonds, inspires and ultimately collaborates. BUDX is an amplification platform: an experience that grows exponentially as more people engage creatively and collaboratively with each other and the brand.

BUDX was a two-day cultural melting-pot consisting of panel discussions with trendsetting culture icons by day and stellar music performances that transcended genres by night. A live site-specific integrated audio-visual performance fully customised for BUDX. Multiple art installations, a capsule collection and a preview of a photo exhibition. Additionally, all media content and graphic design was created by local artists.