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The Event

GLEX brings together the world’s leading explorers to showcase the latest discoveries,innovative solutions,sharing cutting-edge technology to propel us toward the frontier in the future of exploration

At the event, the experiences of Video Mapping and Virtual Reality were used to represent important themes in the current scenario such as global warming,wildlife,sustainability,space exploration in a way in which people were involved in the audiovisual narrative as a way to bring themes that are so important in a modern dynamic and at the same time fostering change.We used GRIP, a platform with AI,which had innovations regarding joining people with similar interests in groups, so they can virtually meet and talk about different topics. Apart from this, Discovery+ is currently streaming 10 episodes for GLEX (the GLEX Series Season 1) and we had Videocasts.Regarding physical space, we had the Mars Rover Exhibition from the European Space Agency on site and art installation by Luke Jerram,which completely transform the location and linked it to space.We created Road to GLEX Virtual Tour in partnership with Jornal Público and Ciencia Viva to generate interest about Science among children.