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Il Festival dell’Amore (The Love Festival)

Il Festival dell’Amore (The Love Festival)

Client company:
Piano B
Organising company:
Piano B

The Event

A multidisciplinary festival where writers, artists, influencers, philosophers, designers, athletes have shared for 4 days their personal vision of the most important feeling for human being: love. Love as an epic challenge, as life nourishment: this is the true meaning of first edition of The Love Festival made of talk, show, reading, visions, declarations, ceremonies. An original format by Mario Viscardi, Franco Bolelli, Manuela Mantegazza, with the official recognition of the city of Milan.

ll Festival dell’amore is a Reality Festival, a true vital experience.
It has not been conceived for a passive audience, it has been made for human beings ready to be inspired.
The main players on stage were attractive celebrities but above all they were motivating personalities, that describe their stories and their experiences.
The stage has also host other stories, where the audience was the content producer.
Il Festival dell’Amore was a place to listen and discuss, to meet new people, to fall in love.
During the festival free wedding and private ritual were celebrated.
It was an original format, with 3 days of talk, reading, performance, rituals, lab for kids, serenade, free weddings +
1 Valentine’s day with romantic dinner for couples and closing party The Night Lovers + 1 entire night of love movies on double beds.