Riga Street Food Festival

Riga Street Food Festival

Client company:
Live Riga
Organising company:
SponsorKing, Ideju Instituts

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The Event

Riga Street Food Festival is the first Baltic winter street food festival with a unique concept – during the event, fourteen famous Latvian chefs prepare bold meals using locally grown ingredients. The festival has achieved its goal of becoming a tradition after tremendous success in 2017. The festival is a great opportunity to work for a beloved city, represent deep-rooted values and organise it all with love and passion.

In 2017, Latvia was probably the only country in the world without its own street food festival. As global street food festivals were becoming an increasingly popular occurrence, we decided to create a local gastronomical tradition of our own. 2018 saw the second edition of the Riga Street Food festival. This time, we received even more affirmation that we were doing the right thing; this wasn’t just an event anymore – we were laying the foundations for celebrating Latvian gastronomic culture. The process also helped illustrate the municipal government’s support for local entrepreneurship.
Riga’s Top chefs and restaurants eagerly took part. This year, we challenged the chefs to channel their inner hooligans and prepare meals they would never serve in their own restaurants. That’s how we got to taste fantastic meals like the “Duck chili con carne with black chocolate” or the “Black garlic cake with hazelnut jam”.