United Kingdom
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George P. Johnson

The Event

Cisco Live 2018 Barcelona was a self-funding education, advocacy and sales event targeting network engineers, IT Managers, CIOs, customers, prospects and influencers. It was their highest attended event in the region, with 13,000+ attendees; the experience took place in Barcelona’s Fira venue from 29 January to 2 February 2018. The primary purpose was to reinforce their position as the leading IT networking business in the world and specifically, in the EMEAR region.

Centered around a week-long event marketing initiative, Cisco Live was supported by a 10-month program of communications across all media to promote the event, to drive attendance, and galvanize engagement with Cisco stakeholders. First: the design of the event space itself. We took inspiration from the urban planning genius of Cerdà, the architect of modern-day Barcelona’s urban plan, to create an environment which encouraged a natural flow of attendees around the 80,000 SQM space Theme: “You’re IT”—celebrating and rewarding participants as the heroic men and women of IT, without whom there would be no innovation or advancement. Keynote: A unique staging design meant that attendees entered the plenary via the stage, simultaneously seeing themselves broadcast on the 45m x 5m jumbo LED screen, celebrating their ‘You’re IT’ role. VR Travelator Experience: The world’s first VR experience on a travelator. And many more activations and activities with Cisco Technology at the core.