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The Event

A new format event type with 30 minutes video show, featuring top creators, public figures and advertisers filmed in an original venue. Target audience: +2K advertisers engaged.

The idea was to operate a large turn in the format transforming a 100% physical event into a 100% digital video show of 30 min, optimal to keep the attention of a distant a nd busy audience.
The show present the latest trends and insights (diversity and inclusion, ecology, wellness) with brand experts and creators, selection of consumer insights and keys to the success of the most impactful campaigns of the last 6 months with testimonials from advertisers and agencies, exclusive performance of Mehdi Kerkouche and a showcase of Hervé… The show is supported by exclusive, inspiring and informative tone and contents

– A program hosted by a creator, Lena Situations, who takes us behind the scenes of YouTube: a 40-minute sequence shot highlighting the backstages, the preparations, to show the real life of a shoot.

– A production carried out in 2 months:
o 14 speakers
o 4 days of shooting in a 1300sqm studio
o 1 show of 40 minutes