Worten Portugal Vs Portual

Worten Portugal Vs Portual

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Big Fish

The Event

Amidst the pandemic, we were challenged to create a special FIFA experience for the gaming community during the Euro 2020.

Portugal entered this Euro as reigning champion. So, Portugal was it’s biggest opponent. To be the champion again, Portugal would have to outdo itself.

Worten Game Ring Portugal vs Portugal. “In which side will you play?”

This was the leit motif for the most epic FIFA tournament ever, with football players Quaresma representing the 2016 champions and Pedro Neto the aspiring generation. They also entered the tournament, playing on the final.

Gamers had to choose in which side they play: Portugal or Portugal? Every game was a match between Portugal and… Portugal.

The winners won PS Plus subscriptions and all finalists won official Portugal jerseys autographed by Quaresma and Pedro Neto.