WhaleShark  – The Lusail icon

WhaleShark – The Lusail icon

Client company:
Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Organising company:
Balich Wonder Studio

The Event

The WhaleShark is a suspended 30-meter-long icon conceived by Marco Balich as a tribute to Qatar’s endangered marine species and quickly became the symbol of the 2022 World Cup.

An icon is a magnetic, symbolic and emotional manifestation of a destination.
It is born from the exquisite collision between art, entertainment, architecture and engineering.
An icon sparks the imagination, incites visits and inspires wonder.
The WhaleShark was selected as a creature of monumental strength yet one of the friendliest fish in the sea. It The whale shark is one of the most long-lived fishes in the sea (it can live up to 130 years) and the largest fish in the sea (it can reach 65 feet of length).
Over 1 million species worldwide are heading towards extinction, including the majestic Whale Shark, which has been heavily hunted.
The icon resurfaced the Whale Shark as a treasured native creature of Qatar.

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