Netflix Troll Global Premier

Netflix Troll Global Premier

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The Event

2022’s TROLL Worldwide premiere in Oslo. NETFLIX requested our help to showcase the force and scale of the Troll, giving this event a little something extra for 800 industry guests.

NETFLIX wanted our help on how we could showcase the force and scale of the Troll and give this event a little something extra.
Almost every NETFLIX launch has had the same look and feel – clean, pristine installations that communicate high production value and an environment for the glamorous. Our approach was one that challenged NETFLIX as it was very different from the norm.
Our plan? Take the iconic Colosseum and set it up as a battered and bruised symbol of the force of the troll, a place that he brutalised on his way through Oslo (as seen in the film). Let’s destroy the venue for a Troll-like experience for over 800 people with custom made projection mapping on the roof of the dome complete with Auro 3D sound and set design outside and inside showcasing a destroyed and obliterated venue.
Every element of the experience was visually and audibly created to communicate the size and force of the Troll creating a unique journey from the entrance all the way into the screening room.

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